Thanksgiving is coming!

Can you believe that Thanksgiving will be here in just two weeks? I’m hosting my whole family here for the week (12 people)…so that is a lot of cooking!! This is a list of what I have come up with in terms of meals. We’ll be spending Thanksgiving day with my Aunt, so we’re taking just a portion of that meal. My mom will be cooking on Tuesday night, and I am responsible for the rest. I’ve planned for things that can either be prepared ahead or are very simple to put together. So, if you need some ideas…here they are!!


  • Breakfast: Bran Muffins (just made the batter this morning and they are ready to be put into the oven!) / Scrambled eggs
  • Lunch: Panini sandwiches / fruit               
  • Dinner: My Mom is cooking!



  • Breakfast: Bagels and Cream Cheese / Cereal
  • Run the Turkey Trot!!! (Have I told you that I run so that I can eat? And eat and eat? I do.)
  • Lunch: Thanksgiving meal—Pumpkin Cheesecake Bites / Apple Streusel Bars / Gorgonzola Salad / Sweet Potatoes  (we’ll do the fancier version since it IS Thanksgiving!)/ French Bread (I’ll make the dough this week through the first rising. Then, I’ll form the dough into rolls, put them in a pan, and freeze the whole thing. Then I’ll take them out of the freezer Wednesday afternoon, allow them to defrost and rise in the refrigerator and bake them Thursday morning.)
  • Dinner: We’ll be stuffed.


  • Breakfast: Egg Quiches / Sausage Casserole (This is my mom’s traditional holiday contribution…yummy! I’ll have to get the recipe.) / Blueberry Muffins (We’re hosting breakfast at my house for my Grandma and extended family this morning.)
  • Lunch: Leftovers
  • Dinner: Creamy Creamless Squash Soup / Bread / Veggies (This will be dependent upon what we get from Door to Door Organics that week!)

2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving is coming!

  1. Yum! I can’t wait….please let us go grocery shopping and/or pitch in dollar wise. I’d offer to cook, but it wouldn’t be nearly as good – I also am out of practice since I have cooked ONCE since Harper was born!

    • Sounds just great Meg. I personally can’t wait for that squash soup again. What a good idea it is to serve it Friday after all the heavy food we’ll have on Thursday. I’m wondering if we should include our (famous) carmel apple dip for Friday morning. I can bring the dip (so easy to mix up) and the apples.

      I’m very impressed you’re baking bread. Yummy. I am thinking the bread for our dinner Tuesday will be store bought-right Tara?

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