Cooking in the Winter {or} How to Save on your Grocery Bill!

Cooking in the winter is definitely harder for me, is it for you? I mean, who is inspired by imported blueberries for $4.99 a pint and no Farmer’s Market? We still get our Door to Door Organics box delievered these days, but it is not filled with quite as many awe inspiring veggies, and I don’t think any of it is local right now. So, I’ve reduced our produce delivery down to a minimal amount (the smallest box they have), and I have even cancelled it a few times. So now the challenge has become to eat all that food I put in the freezer last summer!

Here’s what I decided: I would see how long I can go without actually going to the grocery store. I am on week four, and we are saving so much money! A couple of caveats to that are that we get milk and eggs delivered to our house, and we get the Door to Door Organics box every or every other week. So we are still spending about $35.00 a week–but that is much less than normal!! I froze all of our extra fruits and veggies last summer (and bought a couple of extra boxes of tomatoes and peaches), and bought a quarter of a cow in the fall. So, we have a well stocked freezer and it has been fun to challenge myself with what meals I can come up with from those items and pantry staples. It’s hard to not run to the store to buy our favorite items (gorgonzola cheese! ice cream! lettuce for salad!), but on the other hand there isn’t much local food coming out of Colorado these days, and I am learning contentment and frugality.

It is amazing to me how much food we actually have in our home that we can survive for over a month without buying more. Talk about excess!! My pantry is looking less full these days, and my refrigerator is almost empty (perfect time for a deep cleaning!). In the next few days, I’ll post a few of the meals that I have served to my family during this challenge to myself. Let me know if you have any good middle-of-winter recipes to share!

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